Monday, January 31, 2011

Challenge #28 of 31

Today I'm working on a 4"X6" envelope mini album for my daughter. But sshhh! it's a surprise! The cover is made from a cereal box. I'm using one of her favorite CTMH paper packs, the Stardust collection. I'll post my progress as I'm only working on this when she's not around, which seems to be late at night while my little angel is sleeping :-) I'll post more details as I go. I hope to give this to her for Valentine's Day!


  1. The paper looks lovely! Won't she be excited? :o)

  2. I hope so. It's a challenge in itself to have sone private time without her around...looks like I might regularly burn the midnight oil on this one!

  3. Well, you have a bit of time yet! It will be worth it all! :o)